Nicoreda Protogen

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VRChat protogen made by Nicoreda and JediHaloKnight

Protogen Specie by CoolKoinu

Public discord for everyone:

Public clonable avatars:

If you owned Chakdal Avatars before september, you can get access to the avatar for free on discord.

This avatar will be in constent update, it will receive new features and objects over the time, you will not have to pay anything more than the model, every updates will be free.

Current features:

  • VRChat package, Optimised, Rigged, SDK3, FullBody ready
  • Open Visor, showing a tongue
  • Tongue with dynamic bones
  • 2 Sets of Substance files
  • Eyes are textures, they can easily be changed (up to 16 different eyes)
  • Custom Eye shader

Poiyomi Shader is used on this content, you can find the original link here, consider supporting them, they do an awesome job !

DynamicBone is required to use this avatar, if you don't have it, the DynamicBones are separated object that you can remove in the scene. Again it's a very nice plugin that add a lot of life to characters !

Planned content:

I now display them in the discord, sorry for that delay again.


Upon purchase, you are free to edit and use the files.

You are not allowed to:

- Claim it as your own

- Send the files to anyone

You are allowed to make public avatar, but if you want a commission of this avatar from someone else, you'll have to purshase the avatar here before.

You are allowed to do commission if both parties purchase the model.

Please, if you wanna use it on boneworks, don't upload the avatar content anywhere beside the closed channel for that in the avatar discord.

Please, try it in the VRChat world before buying it ! I don't want to disappoint peoples, you get what you see on the public avatar.

I want this!

VRChat package, Substance Files, Blender File, Photoshop file for Eyes

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Nicoreda Protogen

381 ratings
I want this!