Batdal Avatar

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Please, try it in the VRChat world before buying it ! I don't want to disappoint peoples, you get what you see on the public avatar.

VRChat Avatar made by Nicoreda and JediHaloKnight

Public Discord:

A big thanks to all the early testers who helped a lot making that avatar working properly !

Public Clonable avatars:

Currently included:

  • PC and Quest files
  • Wings with dynamic bones
  • 2 Substance files
  • Tongue with dynamic bones
  • MMD worlds Compatible
  • Facial Tracking Compatible
  • Shorter Tail option
  • 4 Little Different noses
  • Female shape variation
  • Chubby shape variation
  • Thiccer Legs/arms variation
  • Blender File

Upon purchase, you are free to edit and use the files.

You are not allowed to:

  • Claim it as your own
  • Send the files to anyone
  • Please ask if you wanna integrate the model in a game with public sharing assets
  • Using part of the avatars to sell a "new" kit-bashed avatar

You are allowed to make public avatar, but if you want a commission of this avatar from someone else, you'll have to purchase the avatar here before.

You are allowed to do commission if both parties purchase the model.

Also, if you wanna get it into VRChat, you need to have some knowledge on how to upload avatars !

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Batdal Avatar

71 ratings
I want this!